A drunken man who was presumed missing joined his own search, assuming the group were looking for someone else.

Authorities responded to reports of a man who went missing in a forest in the rural city of Inegol in Turkey, according to Turkish news station NTV.

Beyhan Mutlu, 50, reportedly left his friends and wondered off into the forest after a night of drinking.

After several attempts were made to call Mr Mutlu over several hours, the alarm was raised and teams got together to start searching.

Mr Mutlu eventually came across residents who were involved in the search and not knowing who they were looking for, decided to join in.

According to the Evening Standard, Mr Mutlu spent hours working with the teams.

It wasn’t until he heard them call out his own name that he asked who they were looking for and responded.

A report was prepared about the search and Mr Mutlu was taken home, according to NTV.

Image: Twitter

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