The “fan” who was permitted entry to the van carrying Shane Warne’s body from Koh Samui to the Thai mainland after his shock death has been identified as German national Barbara Woinke – a former entertainment and travel writer.

She was at the centre of an investigation over a potential security breach involving Warne’s body. all of which was captured by an ABC film crew.

Prior to Warne’s autopsy being conducted, Woinke was able to enter an ambulance carrying Warne’s body and spend more than 30 seconds alone in the vehicle.

Thai authorities were told the woman knew Warne personally, prompting them to provide her access to pay her respects

The Australian reports she has worked for daily newspapers and magazines such as Instyle, Glamour and Bunte.

Before moving to Koh Samui in Thailand, she lived in Berlin, Paris and New York, according to one online German book retailer selling her travel guide to Lake Garda in Northern Italy.

“(Ms Woinke) always has her passport and driving license in her handbag just in case,” the bio reads.

A video posted on YouTube in September last year shows Ms Woinke in Koh Samui promoting a tourism networking group called Skal International.

“Hello, I’m Barbara Woinke. I’m originally from Munich in Germany and here on Koh Samui in Thailand I am part of the membership committee of Skal Koh Samui,” she said.

Video footage showed Woinke carrying a small bunch of flowers and approaching the ambulance which was transporting Warne’s body from Koh Samui where he died, via ferry to the mainland.

Woinke told the ABC she simply wanted to pay her respects and did not mean any harm. “I am a big fan of him. It’s very sad that we lost him. I just took the flowers to pay condolences,” she said.

“I am sorry about yesterday but I [did] not mean [any] negative act by that. I am a big fan, he is a great player.”

She was accompanied by a Thai woman who spoke to authorities near the ramp entrance to the ferry, reported by ABC to be immigration officials.

The woman says in English, “yeah, yeah she knows him”, followed in Thai by, “thank you very much, she’s a friend”.

They were both then escorted through parked cars to the ambulance where the German woman approaches the driver-side window, holding up the flowers to show the driver.

The driver then gets out and walks around the sliding side door of the ambulance, opening the door for the woman, who enters, and closes it behind her.

There are concerns about the length of time the woman spent unaccompanied with Warne’s body, although Thai police say the woman did not do anything illegal.

Image: ABC News / YouTube

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