Peter Helliar has revealed he caught Covid-19 from one of his fellow panellists on The Project.

Speaking on KIIS FM’s 3pm Pick Up, Peter said he thinks he caught the virus from Kate Langbroek, who was hosting the radio program with Monty Dimond.

While discussing his time being sick with Covid, Peter began to open up about the source of his infection.

“This stems back to what you talked about on The Project when you talked about how you had Covid … Now that is in fact our first coincidence really that I haven’t talked about before. Where did you possibly get your Covid from?” Dimond asked.

“I possibly caught it from Kate Langbroek,” Helliar slowly responded with a laugh.

Launching into his “coincidental” story, Peter said he had been isolating at his sister’s beach house after his diagnosis, and passed the time by reading Kate’s memoir Ciao Bella! Six take Italy, which documents her family’s move abroad.

Helliar’s admission of the source of his infection comes after Kate Langbroek has made headlines regarding her controversial stance on mandatory vaccines in the workplace.

“I’m not anti-vax, but I’m very uncomfortable prescribing mandatorily to people what they have to put in their bodies to work or participate in – I’m just not,” said Kate, who suggested her hesitation may be due to her upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Shortly after Peter Helliar’s Covid diagnosis in November, The Project panellist Chrissie Swan also returned a positive test for the virus.

Addressing her 228,000 followers on Instagram, Chrissie assured her fans that she was taking every precaution.

She said, “I’m double vaxxed, always checked in with the QR codes, have contacted EVERYONE and have isolated since yesterday afternoon so as not to spread it any further.”

Image credits: Channel Ten – The Project

This article first appeared on Over60.