Chris Smith has been fired by 2GB after his actions at the Sky News Christmas party saw female staffers come forward with allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

The radio and TV host is on a suspension from Sky News, as his now former colleague Ray Hadley condemned  his behaviour and expressed his desire to never work with him again.

In terminating his employment, Nine’s Managing Director of Radio, Tom Malone said, “Chris’ behaviour represents a serious breach of his contract, and is not aligned with the values of 2GB.”

He says the media company provided support to Smith in recent days, and will continue to offer that support as required.

His firing follows prominent broadcaster Ray Hadley delivering a searing judgement of Smith’s drunken behaviour.

Hadley described Smith, 60, as “a disgraceful person” after he allegedly made lewd comments at the end of year party, reducing a female co-worker to tears.

Following the allegations of abuse, Chris Smith released a statement about his actions and apologised for making female colleagues feel uncomfortable.

In the statement released on Monday afternoon, Smith apologised for his behaviour and said the incidents at the party did not reflect his behaviour at work.

“I am beyond gutted and devastated to know I have upset my colleagues after our Christmas party,” Smith said.

“I apologise profusely to the women I upset. That’s not the man I am at work, ever, as they will all attest. They have been so supportive to me and do not deserve such drunken treatment.”

Smith blamed the incident on bipolar disorder and alcohol addiction, saying, “I have a recurring problem with alcohol… it sends me manic.”

“I am in a facility receiving professional help to deal conclusively with my abuse of alcohol and solve this once and for all, without qualification… it can and will be done,” he said.

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