Rod Stewart’s son has been rushed to hospital after being hit by a truck.

Sean Stewart shared the terrifying ordeal to Instagram showing himself in hospital after he “got hit by a truck at a red light”.

He uploaded a photo of himself wearing a facemask and some bandages followed with the words: “Hard out here on these streets”.

In a later post to his Instagram story, Sean was back at home with his pet dog.

“Still in a lot of pain. Got my best friend by my side #doggydoctor,” he wrote.

Sean is the eldest son of Rod’s eight children at 42 years, who he shares with his first wife, Alana Stewart.

The actor is best known for his roles on the reality TV show, Stewarts and Hamiltons.

Him and his dad made headlines back in 2021 after being involved in an altercation with security staff during a 2019 New Years Eve party.

“No one was injured in the incident, and a jury did not find Sir Rod Stewart guilty of the accusation,” the music icon’s lawyer Guy Fronstin said in a statement at the time.

Their lawyer said that Rod opted to plead guilty “to avoid the inconvenience and unnecessary burden on the court and the public that a high-profile proceeding would cause”.

Images: Instagram

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