The cheating scandal that emerged during the latest season of The Block has resurfaced in the show’s final episode – and through a subtle dig from Ronnie and Georgia.

The pair came last on auction day, despite winning the most room reveal challenges over the season. Their four-bedroom home sold for $3.96 million, with their $296,000 profit quickly being surpassed by the other teams.

Following the disappointing end to their time on the show, Ronnie and Georgia took to Instagram to take one last shot at their co-stars over the cheating scandal.

“Our The Block journey might not have ended the way we planned but it was still such a fabulous financial outcome for our family,” they wrote.

“We hold our heads high knowing that we left nothing in the tank, did the best we could whilst playing an honest and fair game.”

Tanya and Vito – one of the teams at the centre of the scandal – made a $400,000 profit on top of their $3.4 million reserve, while Josh and Luke – who were also embroiled in the scandal – secured a $530,000 profit.

Despite their hefty paydays, the two teams butted heads during the finale episode after Josh and Luke confessed that Tanya took a photo of the production schedule and shared it with them.

“Tanya went in there, took the photos, and then she ended up sending them to Luke,” Josh alleged.

Throughout the season, Tanya has insisted that she didn’t take the photo. When given another chance to change her story, she reiterated that she received the photo from an unknown tradie and produced a text message conversation with them.

Tanya and Vito ended the show in third place. Image: Channel 9

Josh and Luke also claimed Tanya and Vito concocted the tradie story as the cheating scandal grew.

At the pre-auction meeting with the rest of the teams, Tanya went from anger to tears and insisted she would have told the truth if she had known Josh and Luke were going to confess.

“I look like a bigger idiot – I would have said the truth as well,” she said.

“I would have liked to have been given the heads up or the same opportunity because now I am here in this position saying the jig is up.”

In a later to-camera interview, she finally confessed.

“I am sorry, I am truly sorry. Yes, I took the photograph.”

The drama came as Mitch and Mark were crowned the winners of the season, with the pair walking away with a $644,444.44 profit from the auction and a $100,000 prize.

They soon took to Instagram to share their elation.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we expect the opportunity, let alone winning, we feel like the luckiest boys in the world!!!!” the pair wrote.

Image: Channel 9

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