Former prime minister Scott Morrison has finally moved out of The Lodge – 16 days after the federal election.

He shared a photo of himself wearing a Cronulla Sharks jacket while hugging his pet dog Buddy on Facebook on June 6.

“Home! Thanks to everyone in the Shire and St George for their warm welcome home,” Mr Morrison wrote.

“It has been a great privilege to serve as PM, but my first honour has always been to serve as the Member for Cook.

“Look forward to seeing you around more often. And as always #upupcronulla”

At time of publishing, Mr Morrison’s photo received more than 19,000 likes and around 1,400 comments, many wishing him well and to spend time with his family.

“Just enjoy being with your family and make up time with them,” someone wrote.

“Thank you Scott Morrison for being a wonderful Prime Minister through such tough times in history, you and your party were amazing and we appreciate all that you have done. I don’t know how you kept up with everything. You are fabulous. Enjoy your well deserved family time,” another wrote.

“Thank you Scott Morrison for being an amazing PM during very difficult times. You have kept us safe and looked after Australia. Best wishes in the next chapter of your life and enjoy family time,” one wrote.

“Great photo. Enjoy a well earned rest ScoMo,” another read.

Mr Morrison has since been replaced by Peter Dutton as leader of the Liberal Party following their loss at the election.

In his first interview since being defeated, Mr Morrison admitted to being disappointed but accepted the result.

“You accept the result and you move on and you’re thankful for the opportunity that you’ve had to serve the country,” he said.

“When I was standing there on the Saturday night I was very mindful of what was happening in Ukraine, there is a country fighting for its very liberty and here we are a democratic nation changing a government through peaceful means.

“The party will come together, it’s not the first time the Liberal Party has lost an election.”

On May 30, the Labor party secured a majority government in the federal election after gaining the 76 seats they needed in order to govern in their own right.

With a majority government, Labor won’t have to negotiate with an expanded crossbench in order to get legislation through the lower house.

Images: Facebook

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