The Project has come under fire, receiving a wave of backlash over a “racist” joke that was aimed at a member of South Korean boyband, BTS.

An online backlash spurred by the band’s loyal army of fans led the hashtag “Stop Asian Hate” to trend on Twitter after a segment aired on Sunday night that used manipulative editing to suggest one of the band members had Covid-19 while attending the Grammys.

It showed the group being asked by Grammys host Trevor Noah how they were feeling, to which they replied, “great”. The segment then showed footage of band member Kim “V” Tae-hyung miming into his hand, over which the show dubbed coughing sounds and cartoonish Covid-19 particles coming out of his mouth.

“K-Pop sensation BTS dropped in, dismissing their very recent battles with Covid-19,” Project host Chrissie Swan narrated over the segment.

One of the band members had tested positive for Covid-19 on March 27, but was cleared to play at the Grammys after quarantining and returning a negative test.

BTS fans were up in arms over the segment, which they took to suggest Covid was spread more by Asian people.

“Wtf – we’re Asian doesn’t mean we spread COVID,” one fan said.

An Australian-based fan group for Tae-hyung encouraged its almost 6500 followers to file a formal complaint against the show.

“A popular Australian show has resorted to cheap, derogatory editing & racism in the name of comedy,” it said.

“Racism is never funny in any situation. We condemn these microaggressions being demonstrated towards Asian artists & demand a takedown of the post & a formal apology.”

Image: Getty / Network 10

This article first appeared on OverSixty.