A violent altercation between two men erupted outside a school in Melbourne as students were being picked up by their parents.

Shocked students from Melton Secondary College in the state’s west, watched on in horror as two motorists began throwing punches at each other in the middle of the road on Tuesday afternoon.

Disturbing footage shows a shirtless man grabbing a pole off the floor before allegedly forcing it through the ute window while children were inside.

The man allegedly appears to repeatedly force the pole in the window as victims inside could be seen moving their heads to avoid being hit.

The driver of the ute attempts to jump out but his door is kicked shut by the attacker, but eventually he makes it out.

He charges at the alleged attacker, both of them throwing punches at each other as the altercation spilled in the middle of the street forcing children and their parents to run away.

Police arrived and arrested the 21-year-old Melton man and he was subsequently charged.

‘Police have been told a man stepped out onto Coburns Road near High Street just before 3.30pm,’ Victoria Police said in a statement.

‘It is believed the man smashed the windscreen of a car causing three other cars to collide nose to tail.’

‘The driver of the damaged car got out of the vehicle and was involved in a physical altercation with the offender.’

Warning: Confronting footage here.

Image: Nine

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