Terrifying footage has captured the moment dozens of tourists were forced to abandon a sinking boat off the coast of Bali.

Passengers were seen jumping overboard into rough seas in lifejackets, while travelling from the island of Nusa Penida-Sanur to the Bali mainland.

The boat was struck by a large wave due to wild weather, which caused the trust vessel to sink, according to local news outlets.

More than 23 people were rescued, with no casualties reported.

Fortunately for those onboard, several boats were in the vicinity of the sunken vessel and came to the rescue of frightened passengers.


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While there were no causalities, some passengers suffered minor injuries as they exited the boat, while personal possessions were also lost.

Footage of the terrifying ordeal has gone viral online, with many Aussies warning other tourists about the dangers of travelling by boat in Bali.

“When boats get cancelled or there’s a bad weather warning. Don’t try and find a cheap boat to get you across,” one said.

“I vowed never to go on one of those boats again after a horrific trip to Gili T when the captain got on his knees and started to pray,” a second said.

“We were also coming across shipping lane which made it even worse. These boat operators probably have no insurance and no regular maintenance.”

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