Prime Minister Scott Morrison has copped a sledging from Tracy Grimshaw in a savage A Current Affair interview.

In the fiery on-air conversation, the veteran host didn’t hold back when she suggested the Prime Minister was not the superhero he suggested he was to voters, and asked him if he “slightly over-egged” his claim that he saved the country.

“Prime Minister, you said at your launch on Sunday that you saved the country,’’ she said.

“You don’t hold a hose, you weren’t in your tinnie plucking people off rooftops, you weren’t doing 16-hour days in PPE on COVID wards, you didn’t get enough vaccines soon enough, you didn’t get enough RATs so that we could finally have a holiday interstate for Christmas, and China is set up, based in the Solomons,” she said.

“Do you think maybe you slightly over egged the part about saving the country?”

In response, the Prime Minister responded to the hard-hitting question by saying, “Well, that’s quite a long list you’ve been able to pull together.”

“But let me say this, we come out of this pandemic better than almost any other country in the world,’’ he said.

“I acknowledge constantly the great resilience and strength of Australians and I backed them in together with Josh Frydenberg and my whole team and that’s how Australia survived, by backing in Australians, and our policies do that. Sure I have my critics, not everything that we did worked perfectly, but I can tell you, when you stack it up Tracy, what we were able to do in Australia compared to the countries around the world, our economic plan has worked.”

Tracy then asked the PM about his popularity within the Australian public, especially his dwindling support from women in recent weeks.

Grimshaw then asked the PM, “What would you have done differently if you had known that so many Australians were holding a grudge.”

“I think I could have certainly been more sensitive at times, there is no doubt about that,” he replied.

Image credits: A Current Affair

This article first appeared on OverSixty.