Radio shock jock Kyle Sandliands is taking the NSW Police to court after they rejected his application for a gun license.

After submitting the application over a year ago, the 50-year-old presenter was told by police in September that he wouldn’t be getting a. gun.

He is seeking a review of the decision, and has launched proceedings before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) against NSW Police and their decision.

According to a source close to the radio star, the initial application was rejected for a number of reasons, including some comments he made previously on air about gun usage, as well as the criminal background of some of his associates.

Some of Kyle’s closest friends include convicted drug trafficker Simon Main, and nightclub boss John Ibrahim, who is subject to a firearms prohibition order.

In a statement from the NSW Police, a spokesperson said, “personal history checks” are a part of the process for all gun license applications.

“The NSW Firearms Registry fully reviews all new licence applications to ensure they satisfy their licensing requirement,” a police spokesman said.

“This includes conducting personal history checks to ensure all provisions within the legislation – including provisions with respect to public safety – are met.

“When a Notice of Refusal is issued by the Firearms Registry, it includes the reason for refusal and details all appeal rights.”

Kyle has long expressed his interest in firearms, as he is regularly seen attending pistol clubs when in the US.

In a 60 Minutes interview with Karl Stefanovic last year, they filmed part of their chat at the Los Angeles Gun Club.

“It just gets the adrenaline out, plus I am really good at it,” he said when asked what he liked about shooting. “I just imagine all of the people I hate.”

Kyle has also made bold statements about lifting the ban on rapid-fire shotguns on air back in 2016.

“Is it better off that all the criminals have all the weapons and the rest of us are defenceless?” he said, just a few months after a massacre in Orlando, US, that led to the deaths of 49 people.

A directions hearing for Sandilands’ proceedings is set before NCAT’s Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division for December 21.

Image credits: 60 Minutes / Instagram @kylesandilands

This article first appeared on Over60.