Interesting theories about Sydney fraudster Melissa Caddick still being alive have emerged as the coronial inquest into her disappearance continues.

Accused of swindling clients, mainly family and friends, out of millions of dollars to fund her lavish lifestyle, Melissa was last seen alive on November 11, 2020, after leaving her house to go for a run and did not take her phone with her.

On February 21, 2021, Melissa’s decomposed foot and Asic shoe was found by surfers at Bournda Beach on the NSW south coast.

However, criminologist Dr Xanthe Mallett said that it’s possible for Melissa to still be alive.

“It’s possible (she is alive), at the extreme end of what’s possible, in that what’s been recovered is a foot and medically you can survive without a foot,” Dr Mallett told Daily Mail Australia.

“It wouldn’t be impossible to disappear when you have that much money. As an investigator, I couldn’t rule it out. But what’s possible and likely are two very different things.”

Dr Mallett believes that Melissa did not commit suicide but rather she could have been murdered.

‘I think the most likely outcome is she was sadly murdered, second that she took her own life and third is that she’s still alive.’

ASIC continues to investigate Melissa’s money and other matters.

This article first appeared on OverSixty.