There has been a glimmer of hope in the aftermath of the devastating Gold Coast helicopter tragedy.

Nine-year-old Leon de Silva, who boarded the joyride with his mother Winnie, has woken up from a medically induced coma.

He woke up on Thursday evening, moving from a critical condition to stable condition at Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Leon’s stepfather Neil confirmed he is now in a stable condition, and remaining under observation.

“We’re just focusing on their recovery now,” he told The Herald Sun.

Leon was placed into an induced coma about 70 kilometres north at Brisbane Children’s Hospital after suffering a cracked skull and severe trauma to the brain.

His mother Winnie remains at the Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition after breaking both her legs, damaging her left knee, breaking her right shoulder and collarbone.

Earlier on Thursday, Leon’s stepfather Neil told Sunrise his wife is still “fighting” but her main priority was her son.

“The main issue is the extensive injuries that he has. He’s lying in bed at the moment. He is still laying with his eyes closed and not able to talk or communicate at this stage,” Mr de Silva said.

He revealed his sister Julie has been by his stepson’s bedside since the accident, and connected Ms de Silva with her son through FaceTime on Wednesday.

“As she was saying, ‘mum’s here and mum’s going to look after you and everything’s going to be alright’, he actually managed to give her a thumbs up,” Mr de Silva added.

“It wasn’t a full thumbs up, he could only lift it halfway but that was fantastic news.”

Image credits: GoFundMe

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