It seems that the desire for storage solutions at home is like a hunger that’s never sated. No matter how much storage we’re given, we always want more.

This increasing need has resulted in major brands creating some seriously clever solutions for the multiple pockets of our homes. From the kitchen to the bathroom, bedroom and beyond; if you have something to store, they have a stylish way to stock, hold or organise it.

So let’s take a look at some of the best storage solutions for your home, that not only free up space but look pretty good while they’re at it.

Sofas with storage
Both Fantastic Furniture and IKEA now stock sofa beds with built-in chaise storage. So if you have a spare room or living space and want to hide away blankets or pillows, this is a nifty idea. They’re great if you have guest sleeping over regularly; allowing them to access their own bedding, towels and other essentials during their stay.

Storage -caddy -wyza -com -au
Caddy from Kmart

Bathroom caddies
So many bathrooms are designed with little cupboard space, leaving you to find ways to display and store your everyday essentials. Thankfully stores such as Kmart offer affordable caddies with multiple shelves from as little as $19. Many caddies and ladders for the bathroom are made from bamboo, too, so they’re fine around moisture.

Drawer organisers are also a good idea here, so you can easily reach makeup, tablets and toiletries with ease.

Pantry organisers
There’s nothing worse than opening your pantry and spending what feels like a lifetime trying to find the plastic wrap. Howards Storage World is great for pantry organisation ideas and they stock a lot of systems that can stick to the doors and walls of your pantry using suction hooks. Also consider organisers for your pots and pans cupboard. There is nothing worse than trying to dig out a pan under five cluttered pots and lids.

Under bed storage

So many of us store things under the bed, but usually it’s a bit of a mess and things are so hard to get back out once they’re under. I love the array of stylish storage boxes that are now on the market, that slide in and out from under your bed with ease. They’re not only as cheap as chips but they also have wheels, so getting access to your must-haves is simple. The lids also prevent dust from getting in, which is great if you’re storing clothing or shoes.

Storage -bed -wyza -com -au (1)
Under-bed storage box from IKEA

Garage systems
I’ve been in many garages in my time, and it’s fair to say that these are some of the most disorganised zones in the home. There are many adjustable storage units in stores now that are ideal for your garage, and many are made for corners, too, so you can really make the most of every inch of space you have.

Lightweight cupboard storage
Large bulky boxes or containers can be so tricky to pull down from the top of your cupboard. Thankfully there are lightweight storage bags that allow you to keep items like clothing and manchester within easy (but organised) reach, and they look stylish too.

Many of the bags feature transparent panels so you can see what’s inside the bag before you go to the trouble of pulling it down, which is a nice added safety bonus, if you ask me.

Storage -lightweight -wyza -com -au (1)
Lightweight storage bag from D-shop

It seems we’re always in need of more storage. But in many cases the solutions we’re using aren’t practical or make hard work of storing your precious keepsakes or everyday items. Think before you spend – and imagine how you’ll use the storage once it’s in your home.

At this stage of your life, lightweight and easy-to-reach is always your best bet, so avoid heavy boxes, bulky units and anything that looks like hard work is required to use it.

What storage do you use in your home? Share your tips below.

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