Trends are such funny things. Buy into the notion of them as much as you want, but it’s fair to say that they’re cyclical, whether we like it or not.

What’s considered “in” one moment is “out” the next. And in the world of interior design, it’s almost becoming as ever-changing as women's fashion. I’m no fashionista of course, so I can’t tell you what’s cool on that front, but I can tell you about some interiors trends that are becoming popular again.

Many of you will remember these from your younger days. Some of you are probably still rocking them now. Either way, they’re considered hip and happening again, and some are being executed in new and interesting ways.

Let’s take a look at five of them below.

Colourful -tiles -350x 400-wyza -com -au
Muted yet colourful tiles, such as these pastel pink designs, are the perfect accompaniment to brass taps. Image via Rebecca Judd

Floral wallpaper
Ten years ago you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone singing the praises of wallpaper, especially floral varieties. But these are back – and they’re going in a dark and moody direction.

The good news is that a lot of the wallpaper around is not as painful to apply and take off as it once was. Peel-on, peel-off designs are now everywhere, which means you can pop them up easily and take them down when you tire of the look (without steaming the walls for what feels like an eternity).

Bright bathroom tiles
I know you might be having a 70s flashback, but trust me when I say that bright bathrooms are back with a vengeance.

What makes the look different this time around is that the colour is not spread across the entire room. Bright tiles in pink and turquoise tones are being used in smaller panels or on feature walls. This means you can mix the tile into a bright, white bathroom on a smaller scale, but still enjoy a small colour pop.

Brass tapware is also popular and plays nicely with this trend.

The shag rug
Shag carpet is hopefully not ever going to come back in style, but shag rugs are quite popular at the moment.

The look is becoming less radical and colourful than you might remember, so banish all thoughts of orange shag carpet in your relative’s home.

Shag -rug -700x 400-wyza -com -au
Shag rugs in modern, neutral colours are making a comeback – this one is via Temple and Webster

The look here is predominantly black, grey and beige. This allows you to benefit from the shagadelic softness of the rug, all while enjoying the calming, neutral colour story.

Rattan -chair -350x 400-wyza -com -au
Some might say it never went out of style, but rattan is definitely back now. Chair from HK Living

Rattan and bamboo furniture
Rattan and bamboo furniture is back on-trend and you’re likely to see it in loads of stores right now. Many of you probably never abandoned this style of furniture at all, but at least it’s nice to know the kids are cottoning on to what you always knew; this furniture is fabulous.

A lot of the brands nowadays are veering away from the natural colourway you used to see this furniture executed in. Black rattan is huge at the moment and is being softened in homes by pairing it with faux fur. It’s a definite favourite of mine.

Crochet is cool
You always knew this, but crochet is cool and the kids are jumping on the trend of late. While many of us grew up with grandma making us a crochet blanket, the products being made from crochet are practically endless now.

Storage baskets like the ones you see above are a really neat and contemporary spin on this classic craft. I’ve also seen crochet dreamcatchers that are super stylish, so hopefully this is a trend that’s here to stay.

What trends have you refused to let go because you love them too much? 

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Feature image: Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper.