A man has been charged after listing his ex-girlfriend’s flat to rent, pocketing the cash and heading overseas.

Phillip Allman and Lucy Sharp were in a relationship for six years before ending it last December.

The pair remained friends and Sharp allowed Allman to move into her apartment temporarily after his last relationship ended.

However, the 29-year-old man abused that generosity by listing Sharp’s flat as available for rental online.

According to Wales Online, Jolanta Goniuch responded to the advertisement on Gumtree that listed the flat at £400 ($AUD 744) and required a £400 deposit upfront.

Goniuch called Allman to arrange an inspection and was told that the flat would be available from late June.

After the phone call, she then transferred £800 ($AUD 1489) into his bank account.

Another victim, Natera Morris and her partner Sean Malone, fell for the scam the next day and paid a total of £600 ($AUD 1117).

It wasn’t until later that another victim also paid £600.

In total, Allman pocketed more than £2,000 ($AUD 3700) from the tenants.

On June 10, Allman disappeared and Sharp only became aware of the con when Malone arrived on her doorstep.

Sharp tried to contact Allman, but was ignored. He was eventually caught by the police and sentenced to one year behind bars.

“The offences for which I have to deal with you are really mean and underhand offences of dishonesty,” he said, according to Wales Online.

“They come from a man who has been committing offences of dishonesty for years and years.

“You were fortunate enough to have a generous friend. You abused her friendship and trust to cheat people out of money.”

Allman admitted to three counts of fraud in breach of a suspended sentence and all the victims were repaid the money they sent Allman via bank transfer.

However, Morris and Lobina paid some funds in cash, which were unable to be recovered.