The season finale of The Block has seen only two teams take home a profit and two homes even failing to sell, while contestants Tom Calleja and Sarah-Jane Wilson have revealed they’ll need to sell their car despite successfully offloading their home.

In the dramatic auction episode, Sarah-Jane and Tom’s five bedroom, three bathroom farmhouse-style home sold for just $20,000.99 over their reserve of $4.08 million.

The devastated couple later revealed on Instagram that they would need to sell the $80,000 Ford Ranger they won during the show’s Landscape Week.

“Unfortunately for Tom we will sell the Ford 😂🚙 and we will be walking away with 100k so no complaints from us,” they wrote.

“Even if we walked away with nothing we had the experience of a lifetime and something we can tell our grandkids about!”

The couple, who were tipped to win after claiming victory in multiple room reveals, told Nine their result was “disappointing” and that they had spent more than $20,000 of their savings to be on the show.

“Of course we’re upset but life’s not about money,” Sarah-Jane said.

“We got this experience and so many people applied for this experience.”

“I’m just so grateful that we made the most of our time on The Block because if we had a cr*p time, and then for this to happen, you’d be more devastated… so I’m still walking away proud of what we’ve done,” Tom added.

“$20,000 is better than nothing.”

Despite the shock result, the couple said they had no regrets about being on The Block.

“Are we disappointed sure but nothing is ever guaranteed and at this point I think we’ll be fully over it by 😂 There’s bigger issues in the world,” they wrote on Instagram.

In an earlier post, they shared that “life’s thrown harder things our way and 20k is 20k more than what we had yesterday”, though they admitted they would have had more “if we had of just stayed home and worked… too soon? 😂”

Sunday night’s episode also saw Rachel and Ryan Carr sell their home, making $169,000.56, while Omar Slaimenkhel and Ozmand ‘Oz’ Abu Malik were crowned the season’s winners with their hefty profit of $1.6 million – the largest profit over reserve of all five houses.

But, the two remaining teams came off even worse than Tom and Sarah-Jane, with Dylan Adams and Jenny Heath, along with Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra, seeing both of their houses being passed in auction.

“Wow not how we thought we’d be ending The Block We’re all in shock,” Dylan and Jenny shared on Instagram.

The two houses remain on the market.

With a price guide between $4 million and $4.4 million, all five teams were given the same reserve of $4.08 million.

Image: @dylanandjenny (Instagram)

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