Melissa Caddick’s husband has been ordered to vacate the alleged fraudster’s multi million-dollar mansion in Sydney’s eastern suburbs within the next two weeks, ahead of its sale to repay Ms Caddick’s victims.

Justice Brigitee Markovic told Anthony Koletti he had to leave the $15 million property in Dover Heights by May 18, as reported by Sky News.

“Anthony Koletti is to be granted liberty to apply on two days’ written notice in respect of any dispute regarding the removal of personal property items from the Dover Heights,” Justice Markovic said.

The profits from selling the home will be used to repay 74 investors who lost a total of $23 million through Ms Caddick’s Ponzi scheme.

Ms Caddick bought the three-bedroom mansion for $6 million using misappropriated funds in 2014, which was later raided by police on behalf of the Australian Investment and Securities Commission (ASIC) in 2020.

ASIC has alleged that Ms Caddick duped friends and family into investing millions by posing as a financial advisor and pretending to invest clients’ money with forged CommSec statements.

The court order comes two weeks after Mr Koletti claimed his financial and non-financial contributions to the home entitled him to parts of Ms Caddick’s assets, including her fine art collection, diamond jewellery and Gucci wedding dress.

Mr Koletti, who married Ms Caddick in 2013, said in his statement that he was seeking a $4 million cut from the sale of her Dover Heights property, $360,000 from luxury cars already sold, and $7 million in shares.

Ms Caddick, who disappeared the day after the police raid and whose decomposed foot was found washed up on a NSW beach, will be the subject of an inquiry in September which could answer some of the questions about her death and disappearance.


This article first appeared on OverSixty.