The time has come for dreams to be realised, particularly if you’re someone with a passion for outer space – or more specifically, a galaxy far, far, away – and want to live among the stars while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Approved plans for a Star Wars light cruiser-inspired property are heading to the auction block, with a Melbourne-based IT specialist launching his 131 Pipers Creek Road campaign on May 4 – better known as ‘Star Wars Day’.

With a price guide of $1.05m-$1.15m, the 2.42ha block in Kyneston is perfect for any buyer with enough passion to carry out Shyam Avatapalli’s galactic-level plans.

As Avatapalli explained, his intention was to either build the home and sell it, or just to sell it along with the appropriate permits.

“It’s inspired by one of the space ships from one of the older films and The Mandalorian TV series, called a Star Wars light cruiser,” he told Herald Sun.

“I’ve always been a Star Wars fan and always like to think outside of the box when designing or building something.”

It isn’t the first unique approach to property planning that Avatapalli has taken, with his own home in Donvale boasting a kitchen that also draws heavy inspiration from Star Wars.

The potential Kyneston home’s location was selected for its otherworldly and treeless landscape, with Avatapalli even securing a permit for “a low cost culvert crossing” over the block’s creek, along with those for the property itself.

The five-bedroom home was designed in collaboration with an architect, and would feature Colorbond steel as well as a hallway resembling one aboard a fictional spacecraft, and three water tanks that may draw Boeing 747 jet engine’s to mind, as they were inspired by the real-life planes.

As for where the hallway’s ‘middle cylinder’ might come from, Avatarpalli intends to put the buyer in contact with an art dealer who could help them to get their hands on a jet engine “built by Rolls Royce in the 1970s”. According to Avatarpalli, it would even be from a “real British Airways flight”.

As Ray White’s Brendan Milner said, “the sky was the limit” for the property’s next proud owner, as well as noting that they were likely to be someone searching for “a bit of a wow factor, one-off property, with eccentric taste that goes with the design …

“Because it’s a spaceship anyone with an otherworldly fascination would definitely have an interest.”


This article first appeared on Over60.