A harbourside property belonging to Qantas boss Alan Joyce has been the target of egg and toilet-paper-wielding vandals.

The property, purchased by Joyce and his partner Shane Lloyd for $19 million earlier this year, is believed to have been struck on Monday night, after splattered eggs and toilet paper were spotted littering the roof on Tuesday, per

Police are yet to reveal any leads on the culprits.

Alan Joyce’s home was seen covered in toilet paper and smashed eggs. Image: Nine News

It comes as Qantas faces public backlash for its treatment of workers and the decline in the quality of its service since flights resumed.

Unions have slammed the national airline’s approach to saving money during the pandemic, which saw the company pocket $855 million in jobkeeper payments while two thirds of its 30,000-person workforce were stood down, as well as the outsourcing of 1,683 ground crew jobs – a move deemed illegal by the Federal Court.

“Qantas has led a years-long war on workers to control the decline in wages and conditions in aviation,” Transport Workers Union national secretary recently said of the company’s behaviour under Joyce’s leadership.

Though cost-saving measures have impacted Joyce’s salary, which was revealed to be $24 million in 2018, he still brings in a hefty $2 million a year post-pandemic.

The couple have relocated to the harbourside six-bedroom home from their apartment in The Rocks, neighbours say they have spent little time there since.

Images: Nine News / Getty Images

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