With a car being stolen every 12 minutes in Australia, it’s important to know where vehicle hot spots for theft are so you can remain vigilant.

New data from the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and CarSafe has been analysed by to show the states and suburbs where your car is more likely to be stolen.

The research shows that more than 55,000 vehicles were stolen in Australia over the last financial year.

This means that one in every 400 cars is stolen, according to Finder’s insurance specialist Taylor Blackburn.

For those living in high risk areas, there are a few things you can do to stay safe. Blackburn said to

“Parking your car in a driveway if possible, making sure it is locked, installing an alarm, and hiding your valuables out of sight can help deter thieves.”

Despite Victoria taking the lead in volume with almost 13,000 cars going missing, it appears that Brisbane has recorded more thefts than any area in the country.

The research also showed what car model is likely to be targeted by criminals. The Holden Commodore was at the top of the list, due to sheer volume of numbers. The Toyota Hilux was next on the list, following the Nissan Pulsar.

Top 10 car theft hot spots 

  1. Brisbane, QLD – 2,195
  2. Gold Coast, QLD – 1,562
  3. Logan, QLD – 1,176
  4. Hume, VIC – 942
  5. Moreton Bay, QLD – 933
  6. Casey, VIC – 784
  7. Townsville, QLD – 702
  8. Greater Dandenong, VIC – 633
  9. Blacktown, NSW – 614
  10. Whittlesea, VIC – 578

This article appeared on Over60.