Another scandal could well and truly be unfolding on this year’s season of the popular home-reno show The Block.

Following the infamous cheating scandal that dominated the last season (much to ratings advantage) Tuesday’s episode has suggested something just as juicy could be brewing behind the scenes following controversial couple Sharon and Ankara’s win in the latest challenge.

The couple were spotted using a clever tactic – pulling out their phones to Google the answers.

In scenes aired on Tuesday night, all five teams headed off-site to Levantine Hill winery to take part in a unique challenge, where the task was replicating the taste of a premium wine blend: a 2015 Samantha’s Paddock Mélange Traditionnel.

They had to taste and mix several wines together to make their own bottle, the closest attempt would win $50,000 of wine to take back to The Block. The win would increase the value of their home.

As the rest of the teams muddled through various blends and taste tests, Sharon and Ankur appeared to simply just Google search the ingredients and wine notes, by-passing the trickier elements of the task.

After glancing around nervously, Ankur announced: “Cool. I know what it is, I know the percentages … We’ve got Cab Sav, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet, Petit Verdot.”

Defending the decision, the couple have declared they hadn’t broken any rules during the challenge, stating: “There are absolutely no rules that we cannot use our phones or search the net/google anything.”

“This part of the challenge required us to create a 2022 blend of the wine, which doesn’t exist. We took a chance and thought it couldn’t be too far off the 2015 blend, notes which were readily available. THAT was our strategy, and it worked,” they claimed.

Later on, Sharon and Ankur were announced as the winners of the wine-blending portion of the challenge, leaving fellow contestants scratching their heads.

This isn’t the last we will be hearing about this potential cheating controversy.

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