A Gold Coast family has turned their suburban house into a Stephen King-inspired mansion.

The homeowners, known to locals by pseudonyms Mr and Mrs Strapleberry, are once again opening the doors to their house of horror in Pacific Pines, just in time for Halloween.

The ‘Neibolt Well House’ was inspired by the abandoned home where IT lived and featured boarded-up windows, broken shutters, overgrown grass and vinces, and rusty metal fences as well as a life-size figure of Georgie from King’s story.

The couple first held the extravaganza last year, allowing children and adults to celebrate the festivities and try mazes with special effects and scares.

He spoke to Daily Mail Australia about how the creepy Halloween house all started.

“We put out a smoke machine and some cheap spider webs a few years ago and noticed how many families and children were out trick-or-treating,” he explained.

“It was wonderful to see excited kids out having fun, so we decided we could do more.”

Due to the success of last year’s attempt, this year’s idea ended up snowballing quickly into “Panic on Pandora”.

“We didn’t know if anybody would show, but ended up with more than 600 happy families and haunters,” said Mr Strapleberry.

“We are firm believers to the idea that you should be the change you want to see in the world,” the father-of-one explained.

“Seeing the streets filled with children and families enjoying time together.. children genuinely excited, neighbours talking/meeting each other.. it's just an incredible atmosphere of the community coming together.”

While the Strapleberry family have kept quiet about just how much this all costs, Mr Strappleberry has joked that “it was either a jet-ski for me or a Halloween event for everyone”.

The house has continued to bring joy to locals for two years in a row, and with the extensive effort gone into the designs, it’s easy to see why.

This article originally appeared on Over60.