Timber homes hold a strong place in the hearts of many Australians, from the traditional Victorian-era weatherboard to the ultra-modern designs now appearing in many suburbs and bushland settings. And, according to experts, the good news for owners is that both older and new timber homes are more popular than ever and rapidly increasing in value.

It wasn’t necessarily always the case, but it’s now clear that timber homes retain or increase in value at a similar rate to those constructed from bricks.

Appropriate care and maintenance is obviously important, as it is for all property, and this includes periodic building and pest inspections conducted by qualified, licensed inspectors.

The strong popularity is driven by an increased understanding of the special warmth and design qualities created by timber, the environmental benefits delivered by sustainable timber construction and, in many cases, the superior flexibility timber offers when it comes to additions and renovations.

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Did you know? Timber flooring increases the value of your home

Home buyers are generally aware of sustainability factors and many recognise that, in terms of using a renewable building resource, timber is a low greenhouse gas emission product. It also has practical advantages such as good insulation properties and good design aesthetics.

With renovations, a timber home means stud walls can often be altered without significant expense and the lightness of timber often enables upper level additions to be created, without the need for significant expensive steel reinforcements to the lower level.

Engineered timbers are also beginning to change the range of options open to architects, designers and builders. Building codes are altering to enable more flexibility and we may soon see low to mid-rise buildings constructed using engineered timber frames, instead of the more traditional steel and reinforced concrete.

Even in commercial applications such as shopping centres, more timber designs and structures are emerging and wood as a decorative veneer is becoming more popular.

Timber combines beautifully with concrete, metal and glass in all sorts of applications. The basic value timber adds to a home is evident in the immediate returns seen on installing quality timber flooring.

Research indicates quality wooden floorboards add around three per cent to the value of a house. It’s one of the few renovations you can confidently undertake knowing you’ll get your money back if you put the house on the market tomorrow. People love the look, feel and elegance of timber floors.

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