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If you’ve recently downsized into a new home, chances are it might feel a little incomplete. A bit sterile, clinical, or even a little soulless.

It can also happen to a home you’ve lived in for years – especially if you’ve had a recent declutter and taken the approach to clearing things out a little too far.

Below I’m going to give you a few reasons why your home feels incomplete or sterile, and of course… tell you how to fix it to make your space feel homely again!

1. The room isn’t full enough
In my line of work, I often come across rooms with too much packed into them. But what can be just as troublesome are spaces that are so barren it hurts.

Interior -ikea -lounge -room -880x 500
Inject life into your space with a lively rug or with some art on your walls

Don’t let indecisiveness about what furniture and decor to buy leave your rooms incomplete. Decorating is always a matter of trial and error, so if you see something you love – buy away!

Life is short, your rooms are made to be filled and nobody should live without a coffee table, rug or art on the walls.

Indoor plants are a great space filler if you have a large room and don’t know what to put in awkward corners, while rugs add instant warmth to a room and can anchor all of the furniture in the space (connecting them and making the room feel complete).

2. You’re not displaying your memories
Another common issue I see with downsizers, or anyone who’s moved into a new home, is the lack of memories on display.

IKEA-Memento -Display -300x 450
Memories make a home!

Often you pack up all of your mementoes when moving and it can take a while to get them out again. Perhaps the hall table or shelf you put photos and trinkets on was sold or given away. And now, you’re stuck on where to put things.

Displaying memories such as photos, items you’ve collected while travelling, or things that kids or grandkids have made is super important in creating a room that feels homely.

In my next post I show you some clever ways to display your memories. But also try a gallery wall in your living room. Hang photos in random positions and create a moment that feels uniquely yours. Memories make a home!

3. Your everyday items are hidden away
Sometimes I walk into homes and I have no idea who lives there. The place is spick and span, and you can tell the owners take pride in its appearance. But this borderline OCD approach to cleaning can often remove all of the bibs and bobs that make a house feel like a home.

Having the ‘everyday’ things out and displayed nicely actually makes a space feel lived-in and loved. Keys in a dish by the door, jackets and scarves hanging on a clothes rack or hooks in a hallway, and even a tray on your coffee table for remote controls; these are the things we use daily, and it’s ok to leave them out.

Not everything has to be shut away in a cupboard. Have a small magazine stack on your shelf or table. Have glass jars on your kitchen bench that hold your favourite biscuits. Or even have a nice rack for your shoes inside the door.

IKEA-Everyday -Items -700x 400
Adding personal touches to your home can make all the difference

It’s these seemingly unimportant things that give your home a sense of who lives there – and they’re important to display (nicely, of course!).

The moral of the story
The three top reasons your home feels soulless all have one thing in common; personality! It’s important you find stylish ways to inject yourself, your soul and your memories into your home. It is a true reflection of who you are.

What are some of the personal touches you have added to your home?

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