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Photo albums seem almost redundant these days, don’t they? I find technology a little sad in that respect. I prefer to hold memories in my hands as opposed to look at them on a computer screen, so I’m all about finding interesting ways to display my most-prized trinkets and treasures.

If you’re in the same boat, we can show you some really clever ways to get all of your memories out of the cupboard (or off the shelf) and start displaying them around your home.

So let’s take a look at some of the best concepts for memento display below…

1. Mementoes in your coffee table
I can barely express how genius I think this idea is. What an amazing way to display your travel finds or memories of a lost loved one. The LIATORP coffee table below is sold locally in IKEA.

Ikea -table -via -ikea 700x 400
Coffee tables with a clear glass top allow for versatile displays

It features a glass top and a pull-out drawer, so you can change up the display inside as often as you like. I want one!

And, if you love your current coffee table, why not get a piece of clear glass cut to the exact size of it, and lay it over your tabletop with photos placed in between?

2. Shadow boxes and frames
If you’re keen on displaying memories on your wall, why not source some shadow boxes or shadow frames? The boxes are larger and feature more depth, so you can hang them on your wall and display objects such as vases, frames, glass jars and other 3D trinkets.

Shadow box frames are like standard photo frames, but have a little more depth to them, so you could display some shells or other smaller items you’ve collected along the way.

You can shop for shadow box frames on Etsy.

3. A designated travel tray
There’s nothing like travelling to a foreign destination and bringing back some unique souvenirs. I find a designated tray a great idea to curate all of your mementoes from that country – all in the one place.

Stack some books, a small souvenir, a candle, some flowers that remind you of the destination you travelled to and you’re done; a little vignette you can look at every day to remind you of your time in another city.

Zanui sells some great trays you can buy online.

4. Printing photos onto objects
This is such a nice idea to get photos off the computer and around your home (without putting them in a frame).

Custom -mugs -via -vistaprint 700x 400
Printing photos onto mugs are a fun way to display your favourite memories

Whether it’s on a mug, a coaster, on magnets, in a personalised calendar, or on a giant canvas; displaying photos like this in new and interesting ways has me hooked!

Vistaprint is a local online business that puts your precious memories on all of the above mediums and more (they do phone cases too, which I love). It’s such an easy way to take memories out of your old photo album and get them in multiple pockets of your home.

Get creative
These are just some of the ways you can display memories and keepsakes, and I bet you’re already thinking up other ideas to get your treasured possessions up and around your home.

My advice is to think outside the box and get creative – to really create some displays you can be proud of!

How do you display photos and other memorabilia in your home? Share your tips below.

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