Sydney Cooking School’s executive chef Brett Deverall shows you how to prepare, cook and present a delicious tortellini in this easy to follow, step by step video.

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Professional chefs make cooking look easy! All it takes is a little know how from the Sydney Cooking School’s executive chefs, Brett Deverall and Camilla Baker. 

Brett and Camilla bring their cooking skills to show you how to prepare, cook and present their favourite 13 international recipes. As an easy to follow, step by step video tutorial, you will learn the techniques to create these delicious dishes, techniques which can easily be used in many other recipes as well.

You will not merely learn recipes but gain skills that will make you a better cook.

This course combines Mexican food, Italian food, easy chicken recipes, seafood recipes and divine French desserts such as fondant au chocolat, apple tarte tatin and passionfruit crème brûlèe. Enjoy making entrées and appetizers like guacamole, cheese soufflé, French omelette, rolled poached chicken and prawn empanadas. Plus you will learn to make pasta from scratch; it’s really easy! Even add a wow factor by serving Beetroot Tortellini.

Add some magic to your mains with crispy skin Salmon, sautéed baby octopus, grilled swordfish with roasted vegetable salad.

Never thought you would be able to create these mouth-watering recipes at home? Well, now you can! Go on give it a try, you’ll love to learn to cook and become a culinary wiz!

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