Healthy recipe blogger Lilian Dikmans shares her go-to meal recipe that requires minimal effort!

“After arriving home from Thailand, I had a raging craving for simple, tasty greens. But after 20 hours of car trips, plane trips, airports, queues, and no sleep, anything involving more than one pan or more than 3 minutes was not going to happen.

I knocked this up in a few minutes, managed to restrain myself for 20 seconds to take a quick photo and then dove straight in. It was glorious. Slightly charred broccoli and nutrient-dense silver beet generously dressed in olive oil, sea salt and tahini was exactly what I needed.

If I had some leftover meat, I would've thrown that in too. Or some crushed almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds for crunch with a squeeze of lemon. Will do that next time!”