Travel website Expedia has released an exhaustive study on hotel etiquette, asking thousands of travellers around the world to rank the 10 types of hotel behaviour that aggravate them the most. Some of these examples left us scratching our heads!

10. The elevator chatterbox

The 10th most annoying hotel-etiquette-gripe for travellers cited by Expedia is hotel guests with a tendency to be a little too chatting on elevators. While you can’t fault anyone for wanting to have a chat, the confined nature of an elevator can make the conversation a little bit awkward.

9. The boozer at the hotel bar

Watching this guy drink his way through his per diem is a sight to behold, and not in a good way. You might just want to have a quiet drink at the hotel bar in peace, but because this guy is hell-bent on turning his business trip into the last days of Rome odds are you’re going to be rudely interrupted.

8. The couple canoodling in the hot tub

The one thing we can take solace in here is the fact that a lot of the germs won’t be able to withstand the hot tub temperatures. But the thought of jumping into the biological soup formed by a couple canoodling in the hot tub is one that definitely makes our stomachs turn!

7. The loudly amorous couple

Coming in at number seven on the list is the couple that are having the romantic escape of a lifetime, which you have unfortunately had to listen to every minute of. It’s in moments like this many travellers have whispered a silent prayer of thanks that earplugs exist.

6. The group partying by the pool

There’s nothing like a relaxing dip in the hotel pool, but when this group is hanging out it’s hard to get a foot in the water! The only thing that seems to be greater than their obnoxious behaviour is their omnipresence outside of the pool everywhere – don’t they have rooms to stay in?

5. The bickering couple

Hey, will someone let these two know that they’re on holidays? Whether it’s a very uncivil discussion as to whether they should have a spa or massage tomorrow, or a fire-breathing fight concerning whether they should go to a café or have the breakfast buffet, these two need to calm down a bit.

4. The in-room revellers  

These people seem to be intent on achieving two things in life – partying all night and inhibiting your ability to get some much needed shut eye as they do so. No amount of pleading (or banging on the hotel walls) will seem to get these people to quieten down and show some respect.

3. The excessive complainers

Some people are so intent on complaining you’d think that’s half the reason they went away at the first place. When these people aren’t at the hotel bar questioning the amount of bitters in their lemon lime and bitters at, they’re at the concierge desk making all sorts of ridiculous requests.

2. The hallway hellraisers

Often mistaken for a stampede of wild horses (at least by the amount of sound they’re making as they move through the hotel, hallway hellraisers get from the lobby to their hotel room with the grace and finesses of an elephant walking around in platform heels two sizes too small.

1. Inattentive parents

Children bring joy into this world, but not when they’re wreaking havoc in hotel lobbies. The only thing worse is the inattentive parents who are too engrossed in their own world’s to control their kids, which is why travellers ranked this as the most aggravating example of poor hotel etiquette.

The study also revealed some hidden habits of people staying at hotels, mainly:

  • 26 per cent have hoarded toiletries to take home with them;
  • 9 per cent have invited multiple people into their room overnight without telling the hotel;
  • 8 per cent have secretly taken items from their hotel room;
  • 6 per cent sneak down to the pool first thing in the morning to “reserve” a spot by placing towels on chairs;
  • 5 per cent have smoked in a non-smoking room;
  • 2 per cent have deliberately eavesdropped on guests in a neighbouring room.

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This article first appeared on Over60.