There’s nothing worse than leaving behind the love of your life’s number in the back of an Uber, but that’s not the only thing Aussies have left behind this year.

“From a Harry Styles concert ticket to a taxidermied cat, Aussies have really outdone themselves when it comes to forgetfulness this year,” Hoa Nguyen, Head of Rider Operations at Uber ANZ said.

Uber’s annual lost and found index has revealed that Perth is the most forgetful city in Australia for a second year in a row, and Brisbane is the most organised.

Although some Aussies lost their chance to meet the love of their life, others are blinded by love, to the point that they’ve left behind wedding bands, wedding dresses and marriage certificates.

But not all is lost, Nguyen has said that there are steps you can take if this has happened to you.

“The important thing to remember is that we do have a process if you suddenly realise you’ve left your phone, wallet or Harry Potter wand in your driver’s car, head to the app for help and follow the prompts to retrieve your items,” Nguyen said.

Here are the 25 most ‘unique’ lost items:

  1. A girl’s number on a piece of paper who “might be the love of my life”

  2. Wedding dress

  3. Adult toys

  4. Rabbit’s medication

  5. Harry Styles concert ticket

  6. Olympic gold medal

  7. Taxidermy cat

  8. Segway scooter

  9. A painting of Marilyn Monroe

  10. Harry Potter wand

  11. Nduja (sausage paste)

  12. False teeth

  13. Cockpit trainer poster

  14. Wedding band

  15. Cattle whip

  16. Chainsaw

  17. A lectern

  18. Number plates

  19. Birth certificate

  20. Tray of lasagne

  21. DJ decks

  22. Hair extensions

  23. A jockstrap

  24. Robotic pool cleaner

  25. Leather bunny ears

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This article first appeared on Over60.