As there’s a contrasting blend of heritage, scenery and culture found in Hobart, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

Hobart is the second-oldest capital city in Australia after Sydney, and with fine dining or picturesque mountains, there’s something for everyone. Here are three things you should do while visiting Hobart.

1. Visit Beumauris Zoo

Mary Roberts first opened the zoo back in 1895 and was the first person to successfully breed Tasmanian devils in captivity. She was also the first person to showcase a group of Tasmanian tigers in captivity.

With the zoo closing in 1937 due to failing attendances, you are now able to see the former enclosures that have been taken over by nature. Tours are led of the zoo on September 7th to commemorate the date of the last Tasmanian tiger’s death. 

2. Visit the Female Factory at Cascades

Visit the World Heritage Cascades Female Factory, which is one of 11 convict sites in Australia.

Although small, it is mighty as it provides an insight into the life of a female convict back in 1828.

Female convicts were put into three distinct classes that suffered if they spoke to someone who wasn’t in their class. The class system also regulated clothing and daily tasks of the women while being in the factory, which involved unrelenting hours of labour. 

3. Explore MONA

Catch the ferry up to the Museum of Old and New Art, which is affectionately referred to as MONA. There is a handheld device that’s given to each museum entrant for free that tells you about the work on display, as well as giving you the option to both “love” and “hate” the artwork. 

The museum makes small changes at a time and “re-hang” the artwork a couple times of year. 


This article appeared on Over60.