The Aussie dollar has been falling steadily for a while now, which has made international travel considerably more expensive than it was even this time last year. But that doesn’t mean you should postpone your holiday entirely! We’ve put together five first class travel experiences in our own backyard that provide great alternatives to international trips. Heading to these domestic locations allows you to still enjoy the escape you’ve always dreamed off, without breaking the budget.

1. Thailand (or anywhere in South East Asia) – Noosa

South East Asia is typically cheap to visit, but flights are still expensive. If you want to experience idyllic resort life you needn’t venture any further than Noosa. Indulgent tropical beaches combine with picturesque scenery to make Noosa the tropical destination equal of any in the world.

2. Miami – Gold Coast

The glitz and glamour of a Miami vacation might sound appealing, but that’s before you book your airfare, accommodation and start to do some of the purchasing sums in your head (and this is even before you include tips). Rather than head to Miami the glitz and glamour of the Gold Coast may prove a better option and offer you that classy beachside holiday you’re looking to experience.

3. New York – Melbourne

Before you start spreading the news that you’re leaving today, it might be a good idea to consider how much your dream New York vacation is going to cost you (an arm, a leg and then some, most probably). And if you’re really looking to experience a city with rich culture, great public transport and adventure around every corner, you really need look no further than Melbourne. Victoria’s coastal capital is also arguably the cultural capital of Australia and provides a great option for people wanting a culturally-rich holiday.

4. Canada (Whistler) – Thredbo

It might be your dream to head to Whistler’s resort in Canada but what your dream probably doesn’t include is booking an international flight, getting travel insurance, converting your money, getting your passport ready… really the list goes on and on. And Thredbo allows you to enjoy the full ski resort experience from trying your hand at the longest ski run in Australia to sitting by the fire with a butterscotch schnapps, surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

5. French Alps – Kosciuszko National Park 

Hiking the French Alps is a once in a lifetime experience, but paying for the international flight that will get you and converting our weak Aussie dollars to Euros is not quite as much fun. So why not put the French Alps off for a year and instead head to Kosciuszko National Park. You will enjoy some of the most challenging hikes, picturesque scenery and astonishing, jaw-dropping views in Australia!

Image credit: Shutterstock

This article first appeared on Over60.