Travelling is stressful for everyone involved, whether you’re a passenger or a flight attendant. However, some experiences have left flight attendants very frustrated. It turns out they’re not things people do on flights, they’re personality traits.

Three airline attendants told Business Insider a few of their pet peeves.

1. Ignoring cabin crew when they greet you

“If I greet you, please have the courtesy to answer me back,” one attendant explained.

“Don’t ignore me or pretend I don’t exist. I’ve woken up probably earlier than you and will be working past the time you arrive at home. So be kind and remember to have manners.”

2. Unpacking your overhead bag during a flight

“The best way to maximise everyone’s time and make your fellow passengers not hate you is to keep all of your necessities in the personal space at your seat,” another attendant explained.

“If you come onto a plane, then get to your seat and have to unpack your big roller bag in the middle of the aisle just to get to your headphones, you are the worst.”

3. Walking around barefoot

“Probably the most disgusting thing you could ever do is take your shoes and socks off and walk around the plane,” one attendant explained with a wrinkled nose.

Speaking of feet…

4. Putting your shoes up on the aeroplane seats or bare toes on the armrests or tray tables

“No one cares whether you showered this morning – what people care about is the cleanliness of where they sit and eat their food from,” a third attendant said.

It’s easy to forget that aeroplane cabins are a shared space.

5. Complaining about the airline whilst still on board the plane

Attendants don’t get paid if a flight is delayed, so they’re as frustrated, if not more so, than you.

It’s important to remember that the airline industry is unpredictable.

One attendant confirmed this, saying: “We have delays, we have to cancel flights sometimes. We sometimes don’t have everything we need on board to serve you better.”

They added, “What you don’t know is during those delays, we don’t get paid for that time so we understand your frustration, too.”

Do you do any of these? Have you seen someone do these whilst you’ve been on board a plane? Let us know in the comments.

Republished with permission  of Over60.