The Duchess of Cambridge delighted fans as she shared an adorable new photo of Prince William with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in celebration of Volunteers’ Week in the United Kingdom.

“As we approach the end of #VolunteersWeek The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to share a new photo taken by The Duchess as they played their own part in the national volunteering effort,” the caption reads.

“In April, The Duke and Duchess and their family visited the Sandringham Estate where they packed up and delivered food parcels to isolated pensioners in the local area.”

The post then invites followers to view the Queen’s Instagram page to read her own statement about the success of Volunteers’ Week.

Fans loved the new post.

“This is such a heart-warming photograph, The Duchess’ talent in photography keeps getting better,” one fan commented.

Another said that they were surprised at how big George was.

“George is a little man already! Looking so much like his father recently and very tall too,” they said.

The Queen’s post said that it was “inspiring to reflect” on volunteers and their generosity.

“As Volunteers’ Week draws to a close, it is inspiring to reflect on the many thousands of people, who through their acts of generosity and kindness, have achieved so much for the greater good,” the post reads.

“I have been following with interest how men and women from around the world, including my own family, have been helping and recognizing the vital role of the volunteer. I send my best wishes to all those who give themselves so freely and selflessly in the service of others.”

Prince William has also surprised fans by mentioning that he was using his limited free time to volunteer with text messaging helpline Shout 85258, which offers support to people in personal crisis.

He revealed he had been answering messages after being trained by the mental health charity.

“I'm going to share a little secret with you guys, but I'm actually on the platform volunteering,” Prince William said in a video call.

However, those texting the service would not know that they are talking with Prince William as he uses a pseudonym on the platform.

This article originally appeared on Over60.