You might not have noticed this before, but Aldi stores in Australia don't have any music playing while you're shopping for groceries.

Some regular Aldi shoppers have just realised this themselves, which has sparked conversations online.

“Someone just pointed this out in another group,” Lou West wrote on Facebook.

“Why don’t they play music in ALDI? I never realised until now.”

Some shoppers were quick to praise the supermarket, saying they liked the fact it didn't play music.

“I like less lights and no music for my child – she has autism so was always less triggered in ALDI,” one user replied.

“It’s awesome! One of the things I like about ALDI. I love music, but it’s nice to shop in peace sometimes,” another added.

“I would say it’s also good for families with children who can’t handle noise or bright lights or anyone in general like that,” said a third.

As it turns out, the reason Aldi doesn't play music has nothing to do with friendliness to the consumer but is more to do with their bottom line.

“While our customers won’t be singing along to music in our stores, we hope they’ll be singing praises about the money they’re saving,” the statement read to

“We have always said we are different to other retailers – we think, Good Different.

“We pride ourselves on saving our customers’ time and money, and we are able to achieve this by removing unnecessary features and costs from our stores such as music.

“This has allowed us to create a simple, affordable and more efficient shopping experience for our customers.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.