Later on in the month, Boy George and Culture Club will become the latest in a string of big-name pop acts to livestream a COVID-safe show direct to fans worldwide.

It’ll finish off a year that has been strange, to say the least for George, who was forced to leave Australia halfway through his TV gig due to the pandemic, only to find himself dumped as the show moved networks.

Speaking to from his London home, George discussed how he felt about the TV shake-up and whether he would ever return.

“I would go back, but I also understand the way these shows work. It needs to restructure itself to stay interesting,” said the 59-year-old.

While other judges refused to comment on the show switching networks, Boy George took to Twitter to tweet: “They can’t afford me, darling”.

A statement that the entertainer well and truly believes in.

But his outspoken nature isn’t always received well, with the star making headlines regularly due to his controversial comments.

“Well, the papers were saying they dumped me – but they didn’t dump me because I was a B-lister, they dumped me because I was too expensive,” he said.

“I don’t have a press phobia. If I have a spat with, say, Piers Morgan, I don’t obsess about it for the rest of my life; I’m not a child. I can have banter with people. One thing about me that’s very important: I’m bitchy but I don’t burn bridges. That must be the most profound thing I’ve said all year!”

One of the most recent clashes was earlier in the year, when the singer hung up on an Aussie radio host for stating that Boy George was “big in the 80s’”.

A comment Boy George didn’t take very well.