A six-year-old boy has been welcomed into the New South Wale Police force for a day as a new recruit.

Mitchell Ray has been battling an extremely rare form of cancer for the last seven months after being diagnosed in January.

The young boy has spent months in chemotherapy and surgery and as a way to honour the schoolkid for his brave fight, NSW police offered Mitchell a rare chance to be a police officer for just a day.

He was taken on the ride of his life alongside Highway Patrol who cruised him to the harbour to hang out with the Marine Unit.

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Mitchell was also allowed to get his hands on the Police Rescue’s special tools and gadgets.

His mum Erin and dad Jeremy are currently unable to work and have been crowdfunding so they can stay by their son’s bedside.

The pair are worried they may just have to return to working.

“It would be heartbreaking to have to go back to work while Mitchell is going through the treatment that he is,” Erin told 7NEWS.

“We just really want to make the most of being together and make sure we’ve got these memories.”

More than $35,000 has been raised on the GoFundMe established for Mitchell’s family.

This article originally appeared on Over60.