Jordana Grace, a British expat based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, has shared three things tourists should never do in Australia if they don’t want to be “judged” or “yelled at”.

The expat, known as That British Gal on social media, shared the cultural shock she’s experienced since moving to Queensland from the UK.

“Here are three things you shouldn’t do when you come to Australia,” Jordana said in a video posted on Instagram.

“We all know Australia’s hot. But if you’re a tourist and all you’ve done is come here and complain about the heat it’s not going to go down well,” she said.

“Just ignore the boob sweat, smile and carry on,” she added.

Her second tip is never to ask where you can find the nearest Starbucks, considering Australia’s coffee culture.

“Australia invented the beloved flat white, don’t disrespect the great coffee culture here by basically asking for sugar dirt water,” she noted.

She added that the best course of action is to ask locals where they get their favourite coffee as you’re bound to find a good one.

Her last piece of advice is one that all Aussies know: never swim outside the flags.

“The lifeguards aren’t just there to be pretty, they are there to help you swim safely,” she said.

“So swim between the flags, you don’t want them yelling at you through that big tannoy”.

Many others have agreed or shared their tips in the comments.

“Don’t forget to slip slop slap, ” one commented.

“Only the local are allowed to say ‘It’s too bloody hot,'” another added.

“I believe the flat white was actually invented in New Zealand,” one corrected.

“Haha, trip over in Australia and you’ll find a cafe. Swim between the flags is so important!!” wrote another commenter.

Image: Instagram

This article first appeared on Over60.