People were appalled and others were thrilled when Bunnings announced they had a $129 inflatable Axe Throwing Santa available for Christmas decorations.

The item had left some shoppers confused, saying it was “peculiar” on Facebook.

“It’s really cool, the target deflates after being ‘axed’ and pops back up again. There’s a few new ones in this year,” one shopper wrote about the product on Facebook.

“Hahahaha love it,” added another.

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The garden addition was 1.8m and came with one reindeer pinned to a rotating bullseye along with 18 LED lights that illuminate your garden.

However, Bunnings has since pulled the item from stores saying it was “inappropriate”.

“While we’re always looking for unique Christmas items we decided this product wasn’t appropriate and we’ve withdrawn it from sale,” Bunnings director of merchandise Phil Bishop told

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