No one ever wants to fall ill or get injured while travelling, but you especially don’t want either to happen in any of these countries – or you could end up forking out thousands of dollars for health care. analysed World Health Organisation (WHO) data to find the most expensive destiantions to be hospitalised in.

For Aussies, Monaco came out on top with one night in hospital setting you back as much as $4613.

Countries where you don’t want to be hospitalised. Picture:

Of the most popular destinations for Aussie travellers, the US has the most expensive hospital costs at $860 for a one-night stay. Coming in at second and third are Singapore at $785 and the UK at $757, then New Zealand in the fourth spot at $492.

Travel insurance expert at Bessie Hassan said that all travellers should take precautions in case they ever find themselves in need of medical attention in one of these countries.

“Three thousand dollars a night for overseas accommodation may sound like a luxury hotel, but in some places that’s the cost of a stay in hospital,” she said.

“Trips overseas are already expensive without adding the cost of a hospital stay into the mix.”

The cost of travel insurance is much less than the price you would pay for a hospital visit without it. For example, an average travel insurance policy for one week in Monaco, the most expensive destination, is just $47.

“In most cases travel insurance with medical cover is far cheaper than what you’d have to fork out for a hospital stay overseas,” Ms Hassen said.

“You never know what can go wrong when you’re travelling so it’s important to have cover in place to protect you if something does happen.”

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