Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is returning to Australia in two weeks for her first official visit since 2013.

The Danish royal will be in Sydney for a business meeting on April 28, where she will meet with Danish representatives to discuss sustainability and Australia’s “green transition”.

Her climate focused trip will start on April 23 in Vanuatu, and then continue in Fiji where she’ll travel alongside Denmark’s Climate Minister.

The trip was announced on the Danish royal house’s Instagram on Friday night.

Although the Hobart-born royal spent Christmas in Australia with her family , it was a private visit, where she was not in an official capacity and no public engagements were held.

Last December the Crown Princess went to her hometown with her husband Crown Prince Frederick their four children, Prince Christian, 17, Princess Isabella, 15, and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, 11.

The royal had another private visit to Australia in 2017, where she enjoyed quality time with her family at a number of Sydney beaches including Palm Beach.

The Crown Princess’ last trip to Australia on official duties was in October 2013.

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