A mum in Wales has come up with a genius way to seek revenge against her noisy neighbours while on holiday.

Heather Minshull and her family were trying to enjoy a peaceful holiday at a Welsh holiday park, when their neighbours had other plans.

In a caravan next door, Heather and her family could hear their rowdy neighbours having a loud get-together after arriving at midnight and blasting The Beatles at full volume.

When Heather asked politely if they could turn their music down, they simply refused.

After a sleepless night, Heather played out her ingenious revenge plan: by waking them up at 7am with the sound of screeching seagulls.

The clever mum got a leftover loaf of bread and threw it on top of their caravan roof, attracting a flock of the noisy birds.

Heather, originally from Manchester, shared her devious plan on TikTok, with the caption reading, “Was I wrong? I think not” and “Payback’s a b**ch.”

She said in her video that her plan was a success, saying “The group woke up straight away.”

There were three young men in the caravan, as they came outside to investigate the noise.

Heather said, “They were all looking angry and rough, and clueless over what was going on!”

Image credits: TikTok @heatherminsh

This article first appeared on Over60.