A disabled woman has been dragged off a train by police officers and station security in Adelaide, as horrified commuters captured the incident on video.

On Saturday evening, travellers filmed the altercation between the woman, who uses a wheelchair, and police officers, as the officers were seen dragging the woman off the Adelaide Metro service and onto the platform.

“She’s disabled and you’re going to drag her like that?” a witness is heard asking.

The woman was moved to a bench on the platform, and is seen pushing the officers away when they try to talk to her.

The officer then appears to push her back before he holds her down on the bench.

In a statement, SA Police told NCA NewsWire that uniformed patrols were called to the Adelaide Railway Station following reports of a disturbance on the train.

“Two people on the train were smoking and forcing the train doors open, they were asked to leave by security however refused to get off,” the spokesperson said.

“Police attended and the pair still refused to get off the train and continued to act in a disorderly manner.”

“A police officer attempted to push the wheelchair off the train; however the suspect stood up and pushed the officer in the chest.”

Police said the 47-year-old disabled woman was issued with an adult caution for failing to comply with directions to leave a vehicle and resisting arrest.

Despite public outcry of inappropriate behaviour on the video, SA Police say the actions of the officer were appropriate.

“The police officer’s body-worn footage has been reviewed and we believe their actions were both appropriate and reasonable in response to this incident.”

Image credits: 7News

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