When it comes to booking your next holiday on the seas, there are a few vital questions to consider before setting sail.

It isn’t uncommon to be lured in by a seemingly great sale fare, but taking a minute to contemplate the best arrangement for you could stop you making an expensive mistake.

Who you go with, where you go, and when you set sail can all greatly impact the quality of your holiday, so ask yourself these questions before you pack your bags.

Who am I travelling with?

Picking your travel companions can make or break your holiday, as who you decide to set sail with can drastically change where and when you go.

For example if you’re travelling with young children, that will rule out most expeditions to Antarctica, as most cruise lines recommend children be at least eight years of age to head to the icy South Pole.

If the holiday is a venture for the whole family, most cruise lines advertise which journeys are more kid-friendly, with entertainment onboard for people of all ages.

Where am I going?

While there are many spectacular destinations on every cruise lover’s bucket list, there are others that require a little more consideration.

Do you prefer something tropical featuring a beach-heavy itinerary or fancy something cool climate with plenty of adventure? What was the last holiday you truly enjoyed and what did you love about it? What are you keen to avoid (bustling cities, plenty of days at sea etc)?

Once you narrow down what kind of holiday you’re looking for, it’s time to shortlist potential destinations that will tick your every box.

How much is it going to cost me?

The first thing every traveller must do before making holiday plans is figuring out how much money you have, and what you are willing to spend.

Writing down a budget and designating certain costs is a sure fire way to keep on top of your spending, such as allocating set figures for transport, accommodation, daily spending and luxuries.

While you’re working out your budget, it’s also a good idea to research the cost of meals, drinks, activities and transport at the ports the cruise will be visiting.

What do I want to spend my time onboard doing?

Whether you’re into golf, felines, death metal, food or general nudity, you can rest assured there’s a cruise for you out there.

Many cruise lines have started operating themed cruises to match the very niche interests of every traveller, while still giving holidaymakers the chance to see the world with like minded people.

Simply Google ‘cruise’ and your particular interest and prepare to be amazed at what’s out there.

Is cruising the best holiday for me?

If you’ve never cruised before, you might be feeling uncertain if you’re the kind of person who’ll enjoy a cruise.

While there’s certainly a cruise for every person, whether that be river cruising through Europe or adventures in the Arctic Circle, it’s probably not the best idea to book in for a 24-day voyage if you’re unsure you’ll enjoy it.

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