Kensington Palace is under fire over its decision to keep Prince William’s coronavirus diagnosis a secret for six months.

It was recently revealed that the future King contracted the virus in April, just a few days after his dad Prince Charles and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were also diagnosed.

William was reportedly left “struggling to breathe” but chose to keep his diagnosis under wraps as he didn’t want to ensue panic.

But now royal commentator Rob Jobson has taken a swipe at the Palace, accusing them of lying and undermining trust.

Jobson said The Standard newspaper, where he works, asked the Royal Family back in April after hearing of William’s diagnosis and was told that he did not have COVID-19.

“It was quite clear in the email that we had it from an impeccable source that he had tested positive to coronavirus,” Jobson explained on Sunrise.

“We had an email back saying “we get lots of these impeccable sources and they prove not to be true and this is a case and point here.”

“Well If that is not a denial then I don’t know what is.”

Jobson said it’s “appalling” that the Palace would “lie” to journalists rather than offer a simple “no comment” which is the standard response when they don’t want to confirm a story. 

“I understand why they didn’t want to cause panic at the time, but it’s the precedent they’re setting here that is the problem,” he said.

“If you start lying to the media about this the what else are you lying about and why should you be believed?”

This article originally appeared on Over60.