A new move by Qantas is looking to change the common issue held by airlines of overbooking flights.

The Australian carrier is bringing forward the ‘Qantas Flight Switch’ initiative, which allows passengers to switch their flight date a week before departure. This offer is only available on heavily booked flights.

The Qantas Flight Switch invitations are being sent out by email or text message and come with an incentive of an AUD$70 voucher to travel on an alternative departure date.

Qantas Flight Switch is applied on a variety of routes with multiple daily services, such as Sydney to Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The editor of Australian Frequent Flyer, Matt Graham, shared with The Independent what his thoughts are on the move brought forward by the airline.

“I think that Qantas offering vouchers in exchange for passengers changing to a less popular flight is a brilliant move.

“It allows Qantas to manage overbooking situations with minimal impact on customers, and minimal cost to the airline’s bottom line. It also gives the airline an opportunity to re-sell seats on highly-popular flights while filling more seats at less popular times.”

Graham added, “The key to the success of the Flight Switch offer is that the customer can choose not to accept it, although invariably some will. It’s a win-win for both the airline and the customer, who is rewarded for their flexibility.”

A spokesperson for Qantas said:

“It’s [Flight Switch offer] currently offered on less than 100 domestic flights a week out of a weekly average of 4,300 flights. Given it’s a choice, not all customers want to switch, but for those who do, feedback has been positive so it’s something we’re continuing to offer and will look to build on to give our customers a better travel experience.”

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