A woman’s “selfish” act has sparked outrage online after a Reddit user shared a picture of her mid manicure on a three-hour flight.

The Reddit user who posted the photo also claimed that the strong smell of nail polish remover filled the cabin and many other passengers had asked her to stop, but she refused.

“The flight attendant asked her after four of us asked her to stop and she didn’t, because by the time the flight attendant got involved she was doing the top coat,” the Reddit user wrote.

Initially, the Reddit user said they did “the British thing” by glaring at the back of the woman’s head and “tutting loudly” in hopes that she would put it away.

But eventually the passenger had enough of the overpowering smell of acetone and asked a flight attendant to intervene.

Many other travellers replied to the Reddit post condemning the woman’s actions.

“My brain can’t comprehend this level of entitlement and selfishness,” wrote one user.

I love doing my nails, but I would never do them in such an enclosed space where people can’t escape the fumes. Holy crap that’s rude,” commented another user.

“I would have been SEETHING. Imagine if people near her had asthma,” wrote a third.

“I detest the smell of acetone and other chemicals used for the process of finger nail decoration. Headache within seconds,” commented a fourth.

“Happened on a flight I was on; a flight attendant came over and shut that down within a minute for degrading the air quality,” commented another traveller.

Another user questioned whether nail polish was even allowed in cabin luggage.

“How is nail polish and nail polish remover allowed on a carry on bag??? Both are highly flammable and both give off ridiculous amounts of fumes,” they commented.

A few other Reddit users didn’t see a problem with it and wondered why it would bother other people.

“I didn’t see the issue at first … I think nail varnish smells lovely, I’m just now learning that most people do not share my opinion,” commented one user.

“I still don’t personally see the big deal, but I’m not particularly sensitive to chemical scents,” commented another.

Image: Reddit

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