They’re known to be one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples.

And as Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness prepare to celebrate their 24-year anniversary, the X-Men star revealed the secret behind their happy marriage.

Speaking to PEOPLE on Wednesday, the 51-year-old said that he and his wife “make time for each other” and are “always learning” from one another.

He said they consciously “reset” their marriage every once in a while, which results in the couple not growing apart like other people do.

“We’re always learning and humans change so you have to, even though we’ve been together 25 years, you gotta reset all the time,” he said.

“I’m always reeling in how funny she is and how amazing she is and how smart she is. The longer it goes on the better it gets.”

Last year, the Oscar nominated star spoke about the “simple but powerful choice” he made as a young man that safeguarded his marriage.

Quoted in the book Father Hood: Inspiration for the New Dad Generation, he said: “Before we had kids, Deb and I made a pretty simple but powerful choice to look each other in the eye at every crossroads in life.

“Those crossroads are sometimes big, sometimes they’re small, sometimes you don’t even realise they’re crossroads until you look back.

“But at those moments, we said we’d ask each other, ‘Is this good or bad for our marriage?’ Or, now that we’ve got kids, ‘Is this good or bad for our family?’

“And as often as possible, we do the thing that is good for our family.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.