Drivers could be fined up to $3200 for parking in spots designated for electric vehicles as part of the little-known penalties introduced in four states and territories.

The fines apply to drivers with petrol or diesel vehicles who park in these designated spaces in an act known as “ICEing”.

The ACT, Queensland and NSW introduced the heftiest fines with a maximum of 20 penalty units.

Drivers in New South Wales who block public electric vehicle chargers can be fined up to $2200.

The law added to the NSW Road Rule states that the “driver of a vehicle that is not an electric-powered vehicle must not stop in a parking area for electric-powered vehicles”.

In the ACT it could cost drivers up to $3200 and in Queensland it could cost up to $2875.

In Victoria the fine for misusing a space that’s designated for electric vehicles is two penalty units or $369.

But the penalties also apply to electric drivers who use these parking spots without charging their vehicles.

NSW Metropolitan Roads Minister Natalie Ward said that the government introduced these penalties to “support the transition to electric vehicles on our roads”.

“To make sure we keep the community moving forward, we want electric vehicle drivers to have access to charging stations when they are on offer,” she said.

According to the Electric Vehicle council, there are more than 83,000 electric vehicles in Australia with these vehicles contributing to 6.8 per cent of all new car sales in February.

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This article first appeared on Over60.